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Delivering happiness to 150 + Merchants

Nour, owner of Deagla Restaurant, and one of our esteemed merchants talks about the value our Integrated Point of Sale System provided for his business. The power of having your point of sale, payment processing, and kitchen connected can make your restaurant business efficient by reducing errors, increasing the volume of customers and even helping you make strategic decisions about what food items to sell to increase revenue. Learn more about our integrated options and let us help you take your restaurant to the next level!

We Provide Top Quality Service & Expertise

Best Merchant Rates

We offer best Merchant Discount Rates with transparent price structure with no hidden fees.

Secured Payments

We have certified partnerships that enable secure transactions and offer your customers a seamless and safe way to make payments.

Latest Technology

We provide technology that is not just the best, but best for you. Our portfolio is enhanced for optimum performance.

Tools that Enhance

Our technology comes with reporting tools and online dashboards from where you can manage and measure your business performance.

Easy Setup

For our merchants, we have designed an easy setup system where there are no hassles and everything is taken care of through our end. Our technicians are experts in installing the technology seamlessly.

Compatible for Growth

We have solutions compatible for growing businesses. Our solutions are well designed from our end making sure to provide solutions that can grow with you both from integration and features point of view.

24/7 Local Support

Downtime is costly and stressful for our merchants, but it happens and should it happen, Loyalty Sense Inc’s support team is available in person, through phone and on social media to help resolve any issues. The core establishment of Loyalty Sense Inc. is purposed towards producing success for our merchants. We maintain that by being on standby with our Local 24/7 support service, providing troubleshooting, technical training and by reducing the gap of information.

Expert Technician

We have a team of expert technicians with an in-depth knowledge of the technology we provide. They know the ins and outs and can help you troubleshoot, install and or fix any issues that may arrive. With our 24/7 local support service we make sure that our expert technicians are always available.

Our Promises

Transparent Rates

Fully Integrated Solutions

4 Year Price Protection

Zero Hidden Cost

Simple & Easy Setup

Termination Fee Covered

Expert Technicians

Local 24/7 Support

Compatible for Growth

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