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We are a Calgary based business solutions company helping businesses with their point of sale, payment processing, voice, internet, and other business management needs. We provide fully integrated solutions equipped to manage and run a business from point A to Z with a centralized system. With a portfolio of solutions present for e-commerce, retail, and restaurants, we strive to focus on solving big problems of our merchants with our simple and user-friendly solutions.

Established in January 2015, with customers across Canada, and now in the US, we are proud to have a 100% customer retention rate. We take enjoyment in working hard to establish a happy pool of merchants by understanding their needs and providing hassle-free customer experience with fair and transparent prices. It is our understanding that small to mid-size businesses go through many difficulties in terms of hidden fees, unreasonable contracts and much more when it comes to point of sales and payment processing. This seems to be a hindrance in their business growth, hence, unlike banks or other competitors, we maintain a guarantee of zero hidden costs and strive to mitigate the merchant’s difficulties by educating them about the industry, their contracts and fees structures. While ensuring merchant’s perfect technological needs, quality performance for their business, their happiness and confidence with us.

Our Vision

Our vision is to simply and boldly become the world’s premier collaborator that connects businesses and people into relationships through unparalleled customer experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to upscale our customer’s business performance and to help them grow and help local business prosper by providing efficient technology, fair prices, transparency in our rates, a guarantee of zero hidden fees, hassle-free customer experience and a 24/7 local support service.

Our Core


It all begins with our merchants, our business revolves around their needs. What they need to stay relevant, efficient, grow and stay in pace with the current world trends. The business world is changing at a fast pace, consequently so is technology, hence we have dedicated ourselves to stay on top of the happening changes to we can filter down solutions that will take our merchants businesses to the next level.


Relationships are the currency of the 21st century, and it starts with connection and trust. Our foremost interest is to develop lifelong relationships with our merchants and help them grow and strengthen relationships with their customers via our technology and management solutions leading them to sustainability and profitability.

Customer Loyalty

Small to mid-size businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. They help our city culture grow, induce innovation and are a great step for entrepreneurs to fulfil their dreams. With failure rates of businesses higher than ever, our sense of loyalty with mid-size and emerging merchants pushes us to make a difference by providing solutions that help businesses effectively compete in the market, scale themselves and function seamlessly.


We have curated a portfolio of diversified services and products that are designed to optimize business performance, cut costs, increase efficiency, boost profits and ultimately but most importantly save time. Our end goal is to help businesses grow and prosper without any trepidation due to operations and or management. We are continuously researching and finding new solutions to add to our portfolio so we can reduce the barriers small to mid-size businesses face to flourish.

Our Partners

We are grateful to have wonderful partners who have helped us grow on our journey along the way.

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