3 Steps to Make Your Small Food Business a Big Fish in the Fast Food Space!

July 8, 2021 by Loyalty Sense Inc.

Make your fast food business a bige-commerce company with our best online POS for small business.

3 Steps to Make Your Small Food Business a Big Fish in the Fast Food Space!

The world already has fast-food chains like MacDonald’s, Subway’s, and Denny’s cornering the market with very deep pockets. It’s clear that as a small food business owner, you don’t currently have a chance at taking them on for their market share but if you pivot your business correctly with the best fast food online POS system, you could be a big fish in your community!

Times are changing and your customers are changing with it. This pandemic has forced the public inside and away from your storefront hurting your bottom line and causing you to rethink your place in this crumbling economic space. Now is the time to think about other ways to reach your customers and possibly come out of this lockdown better than when you went in.

There are many ways you could do this but here are the top three that will almost guarantee your business will survive post-pandemic.


1. Adapt Your Business with Online Ordering and POS

Of all the points, this is by far the most important action your business can take to directly translate to more customers, sales and engagement. This pandemic has shown us that having a physical storefront is no longer enough to compete with the larger players anymore. Especially in the fast-food industry, if your POS isn’t the fastest, most convenient and simple to use, odds are you can’t expect growth.

If you don’t know what an online point of sale is and how it can help your business, here is a quick overview…

  • A portal for all your customers to complete monetary transitions with your business online
  • A system that will record and account all your transactions with reports showing online analytics
  • A way to track your business’s growth online showing areas where you could improve for more profits.

As a small food business owner, this information isn’t new. Over the last few decades as industries have discovered the power of the internet, big businesses have been working at making some sort of transition online. Online POS is becoming a industry standard so what can you do to take your business one more step ahead? Online ordering is the answer!

With online ordering, you can give your customers the convenience of ordering from your business from anywhere, anytime and from a smartphone. In a game of firsts, reaching more customers and giving them a transaction portal on your website will put your business in a league of its own. Online ordering will also make it easy to track your products and customer buying habits. With this insight, you can make better decisions on what works and doesn’t work for your business.


2. Optimize Your Bottom Line with Automated Inventory Management

Stock accounting and maintenance is a chore. It takes up valuable working time and manpower to do it correctly and still, there are always human errors that can reduce your profits. With automated inventory management integrated into your online store, you won’t have to worry about your stocking ever again.

To break it down further, here are some ways this management program will increase your profits.

  1. Reduce Labour and Employees: You can have fewer employees working on tedious tasks when they could be running the day to day operations of the business. With automated inventory, your computers do all the work for you.
  2. Integrated with online POS: All your online sales are accounted for and measured against the stock you currently have. This system would send you a notification when something is low or out of stock so you could adjust your menu instantaneously.
  3. Ordering: When it comes to ordering products the system would already have a rolling accurate count of the day’s inventory along with analytics like which product was used the most and which product wasn’t top quality etc… All these analytics and more would then be rolled into reports you could access anywhere to do insightful ordering for your business.

All these features working in tandem with and online ordering system, POS and website solidify your business as a community leader for years.


3. Get a Better Website and Connect with Your Customers

What does this mean to your business? Have you ever heard of social media marketing, customer relationship management, and website search engine optimization? These are all ways businesses can measure and create growth both on their websites and social media. The two main points you need to focus on would be your website to cater to better customer interactions and social media to connect with your customers.

What’s most important about your website!

User Interface Design: This is just a fancy word for how easy your website is to use and how functional it is. A website with proper flow will give your customers an easy path to your checkout portal.

  • Think of this like a street signage, it isn’t always clear where you might need to go but the signs guide you without explicitly telling you a direction.

Layout and Animation: Your website should be a living breathing dynamic representation of your business. Unfortunately, attention spans have decreased in recent years so making your website stand out is crucially important.

  • Make your business’s goals and objectives clear on your website and easy to see
  • Present your products and offerings easy to find and interactive
  • Have your checkout portal visible and easy to use

New trends in website layout and automation creep up every year. Like new technology, these new practices become industry standard very quickly. Don’t miss an opportunity to gain more customers simply because you made a website and forgot about it.

What’s most important about your social media!

Consistent Messaging: Your website and social media can go hand in hand to get more customers. It’s important that everything on your website is echoed on all your social media platforms.

  • Make your values and goals known on social media and clear messaging.
  • Engage with your followers, odds are if they follow you, they buy from you too.
  • Create bonds with other businesses and organizations that you think will benefit your business.

Engaging Content: Your website and social media can go hand in hand to get more customers. It’s important that everything on your website is echoed on all your social media platforms.

Having engaging content will allow you to reach more customers on all your social media platforms. This will directly relate to more customers coming to your storefront and ultimately sales.

All of these points help you optimize your business by cutting down on costly mistakes, missing valuable insights and labor costs. If your main goal is to sustain growth and continue to run your business in 2021, these are important points to consider. Now is the opportunity to revamp your business and reorientate for a brighter future.

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