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Make your fast food business a bige-commerce company with our best online POS for small business.

The world already has fast-food chains like MacDonald's, Subway's, and Denny's cornering the market with very deep pockets. It's clear that as a small food business owner, you don't currently have a chance at taking them on for their market share but if you pivot your business correctly, you could be a big fish in your community!

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Over the last few years, POS technology has evolved greatly. POS technology changes every 4-7 years, so if you have anything older than this range, chances are, your technology is outdated and is incompatible with many of the current features.

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POS systems in today’s day and age are capable of doing so much more than just ringing in sales. They are built to ensure smooth sailing in a business’ operations with its many features and add-ons.

What is a POS System?
What is a POS System?

A POS, or Point of Sale is the hub of where all sales activity happen. It’s where the customer makes payments and the merchant accepts. While a POS System is a combination of a software and hardware solution.

Accepting credit cards has become an essential part of business operations because it enables business to get paid. In the payment processing world, there are different entities that work in synchronization to make the payment processing work seamlessly and enable payments within microsecond.

An integrated POS system allows businesses to automate their processes and improve customer experience by reducing delivery costs, inventory costs and increasing operational efficiencies through speed...

What is Mobile Ordering?

Mobile ordering is a modern concept that consists of 2 main subcategories. These include taking orders online through a website, or on a mobile app. Mobile ordering allows restaurants, cafes & eateries to accept orders and payments online remotely...

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Having a small business does not necessarily mean it cannot adopt to new technology and upgrade the way they run their business to standardize the underlying operations. All that differs, is that a small business should be more mindful of the ways it can reduce their cost and expand on opportunities...

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