Simple and Ready to go Catering POS Systems

Catering POS Systems

Manage your catering business with our powerful cloud-based catering pos solution. Integrate with ordering online ordering and mobile to make your customer experience seamless. Online ordering is now easy. You can manage and track orders make order online, invoices, ingredients, inventories and even menus. Whether you own a dine in place or just a takeout restaurant with our solution you can extend your business performance with powerful intuitive data reporting, insights on costs/margins, customer relationship management, financial and employee management support, all through a centralized Point of Sale platform. Stay open with online ordering and provide a fulfilling customer experience.

Trending in the Industry

Have it All On Cloud

Get actionable insights into your business.

Includes Business Dashboard, Sales Reports, QuickBooks reports with auto-syncing and more.

Comprehensive Menu

A beautifully Designed Ordering System for your catering POS

Intuitive and fully searchable with unlimited menu items. Take orders by seat and/or table.


Intelligent Cost Saving Features

Ingredients for each menu item are automatically synced to your inventory. You can track which bestsellers to re-order and receive automated updates on which menu items to put on daily special.

Catering POS Features

  • Ingredient Management

  • Order Management

  • Staff Management

  • Menu Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Cost/Margin Management

  • CRM Management

  • Customer File Management

  • Tax Management


  • Track Cooking

  • Order Tracking

  • Email/Text/Print Receipts

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