Simple and Ready to go Convenience Store POS Systems

Convenience Store POS Systems

Managing a Convenience Store has never been easier, with ongoing stockings, inventory fluctuations, new products coming and some products seizing, it is a feat to understand your business operations and performance. With our easy to use Convenience Store POS System, one can not only see an up-to-date inventory but also manage comprehensive pricing of products. With our payment processing services, you can now enable cashless transactions. Learn about item-level cost/margins, manage finances and customer relationships. Be up to date with your convenience store stocks and performance, our reporting system is key in helping you scale and manage easily.

Manage, Report, analyze through your Convenience Store POS & Grow!

Inventory Management

Process, check, and manage your inventory right down to the grain. Know exactly what you have and where. Manage departments, categories, prices, and quantities. Manage your store operations in real-time. Track everything from store assets to exchanges, and returns.

Employee Management

Full control over staff access to features and data for safe, reliable operations and store security. Manage roles, permissions, and employee data for effective budgeting of time and staff.

Customer Management

Store and build your customer information to know exactly what they buy and when. It’s simple to add, edit, and to search for customers. Personalize your service and receipts, as well as email marketing to build repeat business.

Purchase & Order Tracking

Easily update your convenience store’s inventory levels after reordering stock from vendors, with the Convenience Store POS Receiving feature. Keep track of what was ordered, the total cost, and which vendor each purchase order was ordered from.

Inventory Tracking

Never lose out on sales from running out of stock by letting eHopper track your inventory quantity and send alerts when the stock reaches a certain number.

Vendor Management

Keep track and manage your vendors’ information all in one place, so you can easily contact and reorder inventory items when stock is running low.

Online Comprehensive Reporting

Quick access to your critical information makes for faster and better informed decision making. The reporting gives you complete visibility and analysis into every aspect of your business. Access anytime online to manage and track transactional and customer data.

Convenience Store POS Solutions

Insightful Reporting for Business Finances, Inventory and more.

Data & Analytics about your business performance, revenue and more!

Impressive Customer Relationship Management platform to grow your business

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