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eCommerce POS Systems

Whether you are online only or a brick-and-mortar merchant, Loyalty Sense can help you create the best payment experience for your online customers with our eCommerce POS Systems. Our goal is to make it easier and faster for businesses to get online and sell to a wider audience. Whether your customers are down the street or on the other side of the globe, the demand for fast, safe and flexible payment options is universal. Loyalty Sense’s payment products sets the standard for smooth implementation and integration, up time and processing speed, fraud protection and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance standards.

How eCommerce Payment Processing Works

Our robust eCommerce POS solutions empower you to provide customers with a more satisfying shopping experience online. Everything you need to set up an online store and expand the reach of your business, mobile-ready checkout and comprehensive security. 

  • Your customer enters their credit card for payment on your website’s online form or virtual terminal.
  • The credit card information is processed through our secure payment gateway. Customer card details are validated for security and available funds.
  • Our payment gateway relays the transaction results back to you and your customer.
  • The customer’s issuing bank sends the funds to your bank who then deposit it into your business account (settlement).

eCommerce POS Benefits with Us!

Grow online and grow sales

Grow online sales across multiple channels worldwide with the widest variety of eCommerce POS payment options available.

Expand global reach

Discover the eCommerce POS solution that fit your needs and easily expand your global reach with a seamless and familiar online shopping experience.

Discover visitor insights

Learn more about visitors of your online store with insights that help add value to your business.

Increase Efficiency

Increase efficiency with our fully equipped online payment processing services.

Fast Speed Processing

Ensure faster, uninterrupted online payment service thanks to top processing speeds and an intelligent infrastructure.

Advance Billing Tools

The Loyalty Sense eCommerce POS Payment Gateway includes several advanced billing options for merchants. These streamlined payment solutions are ideal for Subscription Services, Membership Based Businesses or any other business with a list of regular customers.

Recurring Billing

Simplify your invoicing. Loyalty Sense’s Recurring Billing service is designed to automate your customers’ recurring payments as well as provide you with a powerful selection of tracking and reporting tools.

Benefits for Businesses

  • one-time entry of customer transaction information into our secure online interface
  • Set up timed credit card transactions
  • Build fully flexible schedules (any period of days, weeks or months)
  • Prorate first payments
  • Control declined transactions and customize settings for automatic retries
  • Email invoices to your customer
  • View and email detailed recurring billing reports and customer transaction histories
  • Manage taxes on a per-customer basis
  • Access comprehensive fraud-prevention tools

Batch Processing

Loyalty Sense’s Batch Processing service coordinates an unlimited number of payments at the same time. You are able to manage a large amount of credit card information without sending each customer to an online payment form. Perfect for mail or telephone orders and other card-not-present environments.

Benefits for Businesses

  • Enter your customer card information into a CSV-formatted file (such as Excel)
  • Upload to an easy-to-use interface in your own online member area. Files can be loaded 30 days in advance
  • Process the entire file at once
  • Download reports explaining the status of each transaction
  • Tokenization encrypts every piece of confidential data your customer supplies and stores it on our PCI-certified servers

eCommerce Website

Loyalty Sense can help you benefit from our expertise and technology; enabling you to grow your online business globally and address diverse currencies, regulations and more. Whether you are online only or a brick-and-mortar merchant, Loyalty Sense can help you create the best payment experience for your online customers to be able to pay for their items using your credit and debit card.

Hosted Checkout

When your customers are ready to make a purchase, they are sent to a hosted form or cart, where the payment is captured, authorized and confirmed onscreen. In addition, transaction results are sent automatically to you and your customers, enabling you to easily track and process eCommerce orders online.

Features & Benefits

  • Several development options available for your business/IT needs
  • Template-based forms or custom-designed
  • Basic hosted cart or storefront for larger product inventories
  • Tokenized processing options for simplified PCI Compliance
  • Recurring payments and batch processing functionality
  • User access controls and customizable security settings
  • Comprehensive online reporting and download options
  • SSL Security
  • 24/7 customer support

Developer API (Customized eCommerce)

The Developer API allows merchants to build customized eCommerce websites to suit their specific business needs. The API allows you to provide a seamless online shopping experience for your customers – one where customers never leave your site to complete a purchase.

Have your developer craft an end-to-end order flow that meets your exact processing requirements. No development kits, downloads or additional hardware required.

Features & Benefits

  • Customizable to take on the look and feel of your site
  • Easily integrates with almost any shopping cart, order management or accounting software
  • Compatible with multiple programming languages
  • Supports batch processing, recurring billing and tokenized processing
  • Comprehensive reporting API available
  • Capture and store custom order data
  • Accept all major cards plus Interac® Online
  • Fraud protection tools and prevention measures
  • User access controls and extensive, real-time reporting
  • SSL Security
  • 24/7 customer support

Virtual Terminal

The virtual terminal credit card processing solution can be scaled to meet these needs and more. With the Loyalty Sense Virtual Terminal, merchants can accept card transactions without having to purchase POS terminals or other costly hardware or software. The Loyalty Sense gateway Virtual Terminal allows the merchant and their staff to process transactions from almost anywhere with an Internet connection. All that is needed is existing workstations and access to Loyalty Sense’s SSL-protected, PCI compliant online member area.

How it Works

  1. Enter transaction details: Process sales, authorizations and refunds using a virtual terminal on any web browser. Accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and more.
  2. Type in your customer’s card information: We are Level 1 PCI Compliant and use the same level of SSL encryption as the big banks in Canada. You don’t have to worry about the setup. We handle all that for you.
  3. Fill out your customer’s profile: Enter transaction details and save customer info using the virtual terminal.
  4. Send a custom email receipt: When a sale is complete, you can send your customers an email receipt straight to their inbox.

Features and Benefits

  • Create unlimited user accounts with unique security permissions
  • Support purchases, pre-authorizations and adjustments
  • Customize terminal layout
  • Add drop down menus, checkboxes, text fields and more
  • Collect up to five pieces of business-specific data
  • Review extensive online reporting
  • Export transaction data to CSV
  • Ideal to take phone-in orders
  • Data Security and Fraud protection tools
  • Real-time Online reports making it easy to reconcile payments
  • Compliant with PCI DSS industry security standard

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We are proud to have a 100% customer retention rate!

We have committed ourselves to get you the best price but also a promise to stick to it for four years. We understand that growing a business can be stressful, not to mention keeping up with all the fluctuating bills and maintenances. Loyalty Sense Inc is driven to produce success, happiness and growth for our merchants. We want to go above and beyond for our merchants, plus, deliver assurance along with value when you choose to partner with us.

In today’s digital age, having a reliable card processing system is a necessity for business owners. But, deciding between different providers and pricing models can be a frustrating process. Not to mention the painful task of identifying all the additional “fees” in your statements. Likewise, did you know? Most of the “fees” in your statement are unnecessary and don’t add any value to your business – in fact, you should not be paying those fees at all! At Loyalty Sense, it is our policy and topmost priority to educate merchants about transaction rates as well as fees and enabling them to make informed decisions. We believe in providing transparent and simple pricing packages so business owners can focus on what matters.

Signing up for Payment Terminal or POS Stations can be an overwhelming process for merchants. There are multiple lines of the contract form that are confusing and seldom too much to comprehend. This means uncertainty about what everything will cost and what a merchant should or should not be paying. At Loyalty Sense Inc, we have recognised that educating the client about their contract is just as important as providing them with valuable solutions. We make sure to go through the contract with our merchants, explaining what the contract entails and the exact fees structure. At Loyalty Sense Inc, expect transparent fees structure made just for your needs.

Downtime is costly and stressful for our merchants, but it happens and should it happen, Loyalty Sense Inc’s support team is available in person, through phone and on social media to help resolve any issues. The core establishment of Loyalty Sense Inc. is purposed towards producing success for our merchants. We maintain that by being on standby with our Local 24/7 support service, providing troubleshooting, technical training and by reducing the gap of information.

Switching can be a big decision as it comes with contract termination penalties. When you partner with us, we will take care of your penalty and make certain that there are no hitches along the way. Loyalty sense Inc puts forward the success of its merchants first by creating a prosperous relationship, one that starts smoothly and without any strains, reducing any negative impacts they may have. 

For our merchants we have designed an easy setup system where there are no hassles and everything is taken care of through our end. Our technician are experts in installing the technology seamlessly.

We have solutions compatible for growing businesses. Our solutions are well designed from our end making sure to provide solutions that can grow with you both from integration and features point of view.

We have a team of expert technician with an in depth knowledge of the technology we provide. They know the ins and outs and are able to help you trouble shoot, install and or fix any issues that may arrive. With our 24/7 local support service we make sure that our expert technicians are always available.

With us, you don't need to worry about the future in case you have to add on and or connect with other technology. We have a portfolio of technology that is integration friendly and compatible with your needs.

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