Simple and Ready to go Hospitality POS Systems

Centralize your hotel management and increase efficiency in your operations so you can focus more on providing excellent guest service. With our Hospitality POS systems, be enabled by our integrated Point of Sale CRM and manage customers to build loyalty and recurrent visits. Manage your employees, finances and much more with insightful reporting systems accessible from anywhere from the cloud.



Save time by quickly sharing tax info between Quickbooks and Hospitality POS Systems. With Quickbooks Integration, you can import all of the following: Tax names, Tax rates, Tax agencies, Sales tax payments, Tax reporting


Full control over staff access to features and data for safe, reliable operations and store security. Manage roles, permissions, and employee data for effective budgeting of time and staff.

Exciting Point of Sale Features for Hospitality Industry

Place orders for food from anywhere

Make Reservations

Accurate Billing

Build Customer Loyalty

Other Beneficial Point of Sale Solution Features for Hotels and Inns


Integrate your Payments Processing with your Hospitality POS System and make managing your transactions easy!

Centralized Management

Centralized Hospitality POS and Overall Business Management Solution on CLOUD!

Insightful Reporting

Insightful Reporting for Business Finances, Inventory and more.

Comprehensive Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics about your business performance, revenue and more!

Impressive CRM

Impressive Customer Relationship Management platform to grow your business

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