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Our mobile ordering platform enables businesses of all sizes to deploy their own brand of mobile ordering applications to serve their customers and employees from anywhere. Through mobile ordering be ready to expand your sales horizons and discover the potential your platform can unleash for your business.

You provide us with your menu or inventory. We deliver

Customized Menu/Inventory

Fully-branded Apps for IOS and Android

Online ordering on your website

iPad to manage online orders

Printer for front and back-end order receipts

Full admin control of your ordering system 

Ongoing support from our Customer Success Team

Like a customer's own personalized waiter on their phone!

Start Fulfilling Orders Today!


Your Colors + Your Font + Your Images + Your Logo = Your Brand.


True POS functionality. Modifiers, two-way communication, flexible hours of operation and more.


Your customers will give you one chance for a positive experience. Make it a good one.


Place orders faster than conventional methods (30 seconds or less).

Mobile Ordering
modern Laptops


Your Customers Will Love Mobile Ordering.  Especially from your own App.
  • 300% increase in mobile ordering by US Consumers since 2014. 
  • 70% of consumers would rather place a mobile order directly with the restaurant than through a third-party app like Skip the Dishes, UberEats, and Door Dash.
  • 18% increase in customer spend from online/mobile orders vs. phone orders.

Your Brand, Your Terms, Your App

We make it easy for businesses to create their own branded, beautiful, and reliable mobile ordering apps. Promote your business, build a loyal clientele, increase sales and reach, set up special offers or just test out new ideas. Our App Builder has everything you need to create a fully branded, high-quality mobile ordering app for your business.

SIMPLE and EASY to Use

Launch Your Web and Mobile App QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY!

INCREASE PROFITS with centralized mobile and online ordering console

Full Admin Control

Grow your to-go business with tools to manage your menu, day-to-day operations and reports.
Manage special offers, hours of operation and multiple locations. 
Customize your menu design and increase your customer’s average spend through proven upselling choices. 

Smart Order Management

Automate order fulfillment, simultaneously receive multiple orders and reduce mistakes. Change your menu on the fly and let your customers know immediately. Seamlessly integrate with POS systems. Manage orders through the POS or an iPad.
Accept credit cards, gift cards, and loyalty through our integrated payment processor.

App is Ready To Go

You supply your brand. We provide your apps.

Low Cost

NO contract. NO hidden fees. NO Risk.

Streamline Your Business

Intuitive management tools for customers and employees.


Boost Sales

Introduce new forms of revenue to your business.


Simple Mobile Payments

Manage and secure payments quickly and safely.


How it works?

Provide us with your menu and we’ll build online and mobile ordering system for you!

Step 1      We’ll also add online ordering to your website, or build one for you if your don’t have one

Step 2      Integrate ordering to your Facebook business page

Step 3      Also to the branded iPhone & Android mobile Apps we build for you

Step 4      We’ll promote your business with customer outreach and co-branded marketing opportunities

Step 5      We provide you with an iPad for each location and send all orders to it

Step 6      We provide you with tools to customize your menu, delivery zone, and hours of operation

Step 7      We will provide you with tools to engage with customers who’ve ordered from you in the past

Step 8      We’ll process payments immediately after the customer pays

Step 9      Our Success Team will help you grow your business and provide account support 7 days a week

Boost sales, customers and profits by being in parallel with the new digitized world. Everyone wants convenience, take advantage and increase your chances to connect with diverse consumers. Take orders through your mobile app, or online through your website with quick, simple and secure mobile payments. Make order taking more efficient by reducing errors, increase efficiency and scale your business seamlessly.

Mobile ordering Solution Key


Our customers are pleased with the new system and as a result, we’ve seen an increase in return orders. People love that they can build their pizza, just how they want it, and with coupons and specials at their fingertips, the whole ordering process has become easier.
Since business got mobile and online ordering, our pickup service and takeout orders have increased dramatically and now we are handling multiple orders at the same time instead of handling single orders over the phone.


For independent businesses with existing websites, we charge a monthly subscription rate of $80 per location. If you do not currently have a website and need one, we also provide website development services in which you can check out by clicking here for more information.

Hardware options are not included. If you are an enterprise with more than 5 locations we can discuss what pricing system would work best.

There is no commission, no contract and no hidden fees!

With your monthly fee of $80/mo, the functions and services you will receive include:

  • 24/7 Support System
  • Mobile Ordering App
  • Online Ordering
  • Payment Gateways for customers to make payments online
  • PrePay option for customers
  • Assistance with any changes required

If you would like to use delivery services with third-party companies such as DoorDash, UberEats, and more, we can easily install integration of an integration program for an additional USD$80/mo. With this option, you are able to manage all your orders from multiple platforms (third party + your own) all in a single iPad instead of multiple devices!

The only requirement needed to integrate delivery services with third party companies such as DoorDash and UberEats is to have Global Payment Restaurant POS set up. If you do not currently have it set up, let us know and we can set this up for you.

You don’t need to sign a contract with us. If you’re not satisfied with your mobile ordering system, contact us.  Our policy is: if it’s not working for you, you shouldn’t keep paying for it. If you are an enterprise with more than 5 locations we can discuss what pricing system would work best.
There is no commission, no contract and no hidden fees! 

With full deployment and successful marketing implementation, current customers are generating sales in the range of $15-$20,000 per month, at a low monthly fee of $80/per month, per location.

Once all required information is received by us,  your mobile ordering system will be up and running within 2 to 4 weeks.

*Required Information: logos, menu, locations, hours, and developer accounts. 

Our Activation & Customer Success team will provide Mobile Ordering & Online Ordering training to ensure smooth sailing for your business! We will guide you every step of the way with our 24/7 Support System.

The online ordering system includes an Android App, an IOS app, and a web app that can be accessed from anywhere.  Customers can place orders from their phone, your website, social media and even Google search results depending upon your needs.

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