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Loyalty Sense Inc is your go to place when you want integrated payment processing suitable for your business needs. We can provide credit card terminals by bringing you in contact with different processing companies that deliver reliable high-performance, high-speed payment terminals and peripherals with built-in security to protect card information and a compact design to fit your space. Our wide breadth of fast, secure and competitively-priced credit card terminals you can now accept virtually every payment option – including Visa®, Mastercard®, Diners Club International®, American Express®, Discover®, Interac® debit and gift cards.

Payment Processing Solution Options

Complete Integrated Solutions Designed for RESTAURANTS & RETAIL ADVANTAGES

  • Easily integrate to your POS/ECR solution
  • Make it easier for customers to leave a tip
  • Simplify reconciliation
  • Improve your customer’s shopping experience with a faster checkout and more efficient service.

Mobile Payment Solution
Designed for merchants ON-THE-GO or in need of a mobile backup.


  • Be in your customer's environment
  • Easily manage your inventory
  • Apply discounts
  • Make it easier for customers to leave a tip
  • Access anywhere, anytime
  • Accept more payment types

Online & Virtual Payment Gateways


  • Grow Online Sales
  • Expand Global Reach
  • Discover Visitor Insight
  • Fast processing
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Recurrent Billing
  • Batch Processing
  • Take payments on your device
  • Process transactions from anywhere
  • Hosted Checkout
  • Developer API

Smart Payment Terminals
Versatility at the counter, in your hand, or on the go.


  • Built to Travel
  • Accepts All Payment Types
  • Custom Configuration
  • Always Stay Connected
  • Run Full POS from a Compact Device
  • QuickBooks
  • Monitor Sales and Profit Trends
  • Manage Employee Shifts
  • Manage Finances
  • Inventory Management

StandAlone Solutions
Versatility with all your needs.


  • Comprehensive POS Terminal Payment Options
  • Multi-layered Security Features
  • Unsurpassed POS Device Reliability
  • Commitment to Innovation
  • Hand-Held Terminal
  • Mobile Terminals
  • Virtual Terminal

Find Payment Processing Solutions for your business

Browse through our ready-to-go payment processing solutions curated for your exact business requirements. We have a pool of solutions that are integration-friendly, user-friendly and reliable. Our solutions are designed to help you grow, go beyond, and provide complementary features, functions, and valuable business insights. Helping you enhance business performance and  increase profits.

Payment Processing Options also available for


Food Trucks


Salons & Spa

Non Profits

Trucking Businesses


Fitness & Gyms

Our Best Sellers!

Clover Flex is ready – whether you need to take chip and PIN or contactless payments (like Apple Pay®) at the counter, busting the line, at the table, or just about anywhere else.


The iCT 250 is one of the world’s smallest and lightest payment terminals. Designed for easy handling, this model meets the highest security requirements for all payment options.

Our Technology offers

Multi - Layered Security Features

Comprehensive Payment Options

Commitment to Innovation

Unsurpassed Reliability

Multicom Wireless Connectivity

Advance Security

Pay at the Table

Email/Text Receipts

Track Your Business

Get Deposit Fast & Easy

Cloud Accessible Data

Friendly User Inteface

Trending Technology Today

Premium Service

Compatible For Growth

24/7 Local Support + Repair

Cut Costs & Save

Easy SetUP

Many Integration Options

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Email us via the following form, or call us directly, we are happy to connect. We will have solution options ready for you within 2 days with free consultation, no commitment and free of charge. We also offer merchants a 45 day trial period where they can take their time to decide if it’s the right solution for them.

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Our Promises

We are proud to have a 100% customer retention rate!

We have committed ourselves to get you the best price but also a promise to stick to it for four years. We understand that growing a business can be stressful, not to mention keeping up with all the fluctuating bills and maintenances. Loyalty Sense Inc is driven to produce success, happiness and growth for our merchants. We want to go above and beyond for our merchants, plus, deliver assurance along with value when you choose to partner with us.

In today’s digital age, having a reliable card processing system is a necessity for business owners. But, deciding between different providers and pricing models can be a frustrating process. Not to mention the painful task of identifying all the additional “fees” in your statements. Likewise, did you know? Most of the “fees” in your statement are unnecessary and don’t add any value to your business – in fact, you should not be paying those fees at all! At Loyalty Sense, it is our policy and topmost priority to educate merchants about transaction rates as well as fees and enabling them to make informed decisions. We believe in providing transparent and simple pricing packages so business owners can focus on what matters.

Signing up for Payment Terminal or POS Stations can be an overwhelming process for merchants. There are multiple lines of the contract form that are confusing and seldom too much to comprehend. This means uncertainty about what everything will cost and what a merchant should or should not be paying. At Loyalty Sense Inc, we have recognised that educating the client about their contract is just as important as providing them with valuable solutions. We make sure to go through the contract with our merchants, explaining what the contract entails and the exact fees structure. At Loyalty Sense Inc, expect transparent fees structure made just for your needs.

Downtime is costly and stressful for our merchants, but it happens and should it happen, Loyalty Sense Inc’s support team is available in person, through phone and on social media to help resolve any issues. The core establishment of Loyalty Sense Inc. is purposed towards producing success for our merchants. We maintain that by being on standby with our Local 24/7 support service, providing troubleshooting, technical training and by reducing the gap of information.

Switching can be a big decision as it comes with contract termination penalties. When you partner with us, we will take care of your penalty and make certain that there are no hitches along the way. Loyalty sense Inc puts forward the success of its merchants first by creating a prosperous relationship, one that starts smoothly and without any strains, reducing any negative impacts they may have. 

For our merchants we have designed an easy setup system where there are no hassles and everything is taken care of through our end. Our technician are experts in installing the technology seamlessly.

We have solutions compatible for growing businesses. Our solutions are well designed from our end making sure to provide solutions that can grow with you both from integration and features point of view.

We have a team of expert technician with an in depth knowledge of the technology we provide. They know the ins and outs and are able to help you trouble shoot, install and or fix any issues that may arrive. With our 24/7 local support service we make sure that our expert technicians are always available.

With us, you don't need to worry about the future in case you have to add on and or connect with other technology. We have a portfolio of technology that is integration friendly and compatible with your needs.

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