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Point of Sale Systems

Browse through the catalog of Full Point of Sale Systems specific to your business type. Unleash the power of POS technology with Loyalty Sense and see your business grow. We offer various streams of POS system solutions that are customized for your business needs, helping you cut costs, expand operations and optimize business performance. Let us show you a new world of business management through an array of innovative centralized Point of Sale Systems.
We have a curated a list of fully integrated solution packages made just for your business needs. Our solutions go beyond just payment processing, we provide you with tools that will help you monitor your business operations, manage employees, customers, finances and even marketing efforts all through a centralized platform. Browse through our solutions, or ask for a customized solution and discover how you can unleash the maximum potential of your business.

Manage Your Point of Sale on Cloud!

Be business savvy and manage your business in real-Time from anywhere on Cloud

Centralized Management

Insightful Reporting

Data & Analytics

Impressive CRM

Access your business from anywhere and on any device, so you can make informed and timely business decisions. Easily uncover details of your success with access to insightful profit and inventory reports.
  • Sales, Cost, and Profit by Item and Category
  • Best & Worst Sellers
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • End of Day reports
  • Automated Emailed Reports

Manage It All with a Central Point of Sale

Manage Employees & Scheduling

Maintain safe, reliable operations and store security, along with effective budgeting of time and staff with control of employee specifications.

Keep track of which employees process each order and perform various inventory-related actions

Track the tip amount provided to each employee

Easily record and track employee hours
Have employees clock in/clock out during their shifts to know exactly when they are working
Filter reporting by register, employee, store, and time period
Export the Time Clock report for full visualization of employee hours

Manage Inventory

Increase profits by preventing stock shortages with Purchase Order Receiving.

Reduce costs by preventing loss of stock with Inventory Adjustment

Run your business more efficiently and save time by easily building products with different specifications.

Increase business by adding more choices for customers with modifiers.

Avoid profit loss by ensuring that you always have enough stock of items in each store.

Simplify operations by easily creating and printing barcodes from POS without having to use an external service.

Be notified when each item reaches its minimum quantity number in each store so you can preemptively order more and avoid profit loss.

Manage Finance

Reduce human error and increase efficiency by assigning either an individual or multi-line tax to one or multiple stores or products, which will be added by default.

Have full control over who pays taxes and ensure that you do not violate tax laws with the include/exclude tax feature.

Be more organized with your tax data to avoid headaches with the IRS and increase knowledge about net income with the Tax Report.

Save time by quickly sharing tax info between Quickbooks and POS. With Quickbooks Integration, you can import all of the following: Tax names, Tax rates, Tax agencies, Sales tax payments, Tax reporting

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